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P. Reign - Different Now (Thinking Out Loud) lyrics

[Hook: JoJo]
I'm different now
I'm just thinking out loud
Trying to be cool but--now

[Verse 1: P. Reign]
From a hood where you run up or pick your gun up
And the only thing for certain is there is a god among us
I run with gunners, not with runners
But starting July 4th, I promise we'll run the summer, prepare for the come up
We made a vow that we would die for our brothers
Around the same time our high school crushes began to love us
So much hate for the cops won't even make love under covers
Hundred grand to our lawyers just to influence the judges
Mama said, "Believe, baby boy believe"
"Never follow man, follow dreams, you were born to lead," geez
I do this for my city that watered my seed
Cause most n***as gotta drown to learn how to breathe
Breathe -- last Gs in a broken city
Gon' and pick your top five, they ain't f**ing with me
Unless it's Drizzy, I bet I k** 'em
It's hard to be a hero when you relate to the villain
It's hard to comprehend if you ain't felt the feeling
And difficult to hide the money when it's to the ceiling
Yeah, we hit the block until the weight is missing
Uh, it ain't the life if you ain't made a k**ing


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[Verse 2: P. Reign]
Probably with some goons that love to make the news
Rocky put me on Givenchy for my latest shoes
Never switching crews, I became the latest news
Never sleeping on me, pray a n***a never hit the snooze -- ooh!
Shout out to the n***as being men, getting bread
Shout out to the women never giving head to get ahead
I never been like these b**hes blowing to blow up
This life forced me to grow up, pray for one woman to show up
Miss America, miss you America
But I'm king of my country, fighting for you to want me
Chasing my dreams, but the nightmares see you haunt me
Baby I beg your pardon, I pray that one day you call me
I see you, but if I love you, gotta leave you
Cause I know the day is coming, you want me more than I need you
My drug convictions and gun charges got you convinced I'm in of a problem(?), but God got 'em
Hold up -- hold up, all you n***as hold up
I'm sick, forcing n***as to throw up
Know one day she'll open up and let me f**
'Til then it's sorry P, throw it up


[Outro: (Unknown)]
I got partners doing triple life, P. Reign
This ain't about no rap
It's about your people
Morals, honor, integrity
You won't make guys like this no more
You the last of a dying breed

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