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P. Reign - Cry For You lyrics

[P. Reign]
Back then she ain't want me
But look at now, I'm blowing up
Thought I knew it'd all end
Guess I ain't really know enough
Remember I hit it, when she ain't call back
Well, guess the ho wasn't all that
You really made a n***a fall flat
(uh) So I figured I should fall back
(Yeah) Them hoes ain't winnin'
Matter of fact, them hoes ain't women
Only the good girls get a man on one
Need to give them a whole world, these hoes don't get it
I got one heart, but I said let's split it
But she broke that heart, please don't k** it
Never let a good thing go, cause when a good things gone
All the other good things go with it
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Yeah when the tables turn, like you [?] with fate
You hope you feel the burn, like you in bed with Satan
Got lots to learn, it takes lots of patience
You taking turns, like it's an occupation
God damn, oh well
Keep a few bad hoes in the hotel
Learned a life lesson that I know won't fail
Never tell hoes, cause you know them hoes tell
Man, ain't it tough?
I guess just being light skin ain't enough
That's why all the good girls like to get it rough
And word around town is some girls wanna' f**
Well get ready for the ride baby girl buckle up
But I want more then that
So she texting me, and I ain't calling back
And she acting like she bout to have a heart attack
But she lucky that even left her heart intact

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