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P. Reign - Call My Name (feat. Lokz & Kim Davis) lyrics

I make her call my name x 8
She says p reign, p reign, p reign..
Cause she says p reign, p reign, p reign...

Hey baby call me reign
Matter of fact stretch that call me king
Gimme pain
Like im in cla** and i put my hands up call my name
Im extra great, you can come over extra late
Imma give u a slice of p reign cake
And you gon' be begging for an extra plate
This cause you really got extra taste
I think yougon' ask for an extra date
We about to tear the house down, we need an extra place
Igot her sweating like she just run an extra race
The rose getting lowwe gonna need an extra case
I made herbring a friend in thats an extra face
Im about to hit lil mama im next to play
She gon' undress so quick it was next to ray ?!
And yesterday it was the bathtub, the closet
The bathroom,the office, the balcony or the cottage
Just call my name and im on it
Im the best baby, im honest
She loves it, she wants it
I make her scream 'till 6 in the morning
And leave her tripping like a leaki..?!


I been pimpin like Too Short
Is she smoking like a newport
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And i got this, what you thought

You can never get it like a cab in New York ahhh
Its gotta be you i dreamed it
Great brains, genius
You wavy baby, you need this
Yeah imma rock your boat 'till you sea sick
Im off the leash im such a dog
Can't even lie, i love 'em all
She dont even know what i do to draw
TLC waterfalls
And i take pride in that
Soon as im done you can have 'em back
Yeh they call me young cardiac
Cause i give em the feeling of a hearth attack....


Girl i like the way you break it down
And turn around and dance for me
Girl i like the way you break it down
And scream around and call my name

Yeah oh baby ahhhh just wanna make you co-co-comeeee yeahhh
I stop and stare, once its fugged up, its hot in here
Only a bra on and underwear
Im really 'bout to see whats under there
I mean im about to beat whats under there
Imma make it sound lot ?!?...


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