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P-Pullz - Robbery in Progress lyrics

P-Pullz (ft. Arjay Mian) - “Robbery in Progress”
[Produced by DJ Static]

[Verse 1: Arjay Mian]
One night in store, cleaning up counter
Just finished counting change—high amount
I felt strange. Something different this evening
But I'm not sure, so kept up with my chores
It's time to close down store
Suddenly, I hear bang bang at the door
What the hell do you want? I'm not open
“Let us in. We want two phillies and some body lotion”
Damn it, I'm not one to turn down sale
This town is upscale, plus I recognize the frail one
Cut the alarm, put down the stun gun
I must let you know I close at one
“But the sign says...” I know it says 24 hours
But what do you think? I don't like to sleep or take shower?
Hurry. I got lady cooking curry in house
Naked on couch, her spouse is away
We're going to play “Find the Fillet”
The big guy say, “How much money do you make today?”
None of beeswax concerning my bucks
Next thing, the motherf** tell me it's a stickup
For your sake, I hope you mean air freshener
I'll apply pressure to air dispenser if you try
To take treasure. Hey, what you say to him?
Frail guy went reaching for the ATM
Machine like crack fiend. The other pulled a pistol
I'm not going out. Right hook to his nose
Cracked the gristle. Tossed diamond crystal salt
To blind eyes. Back down the aisle, past the nine lives
Picked up Hellmann's. Now you catch hell, man
Right across the helmet
They went stumbling out my place, but wait
They got candy bar, so I gave chase

[Hook: DJ Static and (Arjay Mian)] (x2)
Robbery in progress. Get the dough
Trying to take it all, but they don't know
Pay first, pay now or you got to go. Ayyo
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(I k** you!)

[Verse 2: Arjay Mian]
Salty face and mayonnaise head jumped in hooptie
Trying to escape, so I hop in the taxi
Hot pursuit ninety miles an hour plus tax
Burning tire tracks filled the city with smoke
Switching lanes without signaling, I hear bickering
Driver upset on my left fingering
“f** you too, buddy.” My mood's ugly
Threw a finger back. My front end tapped a Cadillac
Go around, they turn on concourse. I'm catching up
I'll force them off the road, then snatch ‘em up
Got broadside. To Hell you're destined
I'm going to… Then I got hailed by a pedestrian
Picked up fair, continued the chase
Man in back yelling, “Turn on Park Place”
This ain't Monopoly. Roll the dice, you land on “Chance”
A good chance I'll whip your a**
Stop speaking. Carburetor leaking, overheat
Dial peaking. Then I hear shrieking
Sirens from the cops, telling me to yield
They seem to feel I did something improper
Jumped the sidewalk to avoid an Impala
Lights shine on cab from the helicopter
A street opera. Heavy traffic ahead, they can't get far
I rammed them hard with the damn crash bar
Pay for candy bars, motherb**h a**es
Legs twisted, pinned up in the dashboard
Cops closing in fast for my arrest
I thought fast, ran into an all-night store
Gone without trace, they put stake-out
But put steak out too long, it will spoil
They searched the whole city whole
While I sat at home, watching it on Wild Police Videos

[Hook: DJ Static and (Arjay Mian)] (x2)
Robbery in progress. Get the dough
Trying to take it all, but they don't know
Pay first, pay now or you got to go. Ayyo
(I k** you!)

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