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P-Pullz - In and Out lyrics

P-Pullz (ft. Arjay Mian, Jorrell Redsun, and Stelf Index) ft. Kapital - “In and Out”
[Produced by Stelf Index]

[Verse 1: Jorrell Redsun]
Rawness. You got too many flaws like Twin Towers
Walk up destructed building, I'm flawless
Rock showers. Wonder Twin, Power Ranger, stranger than
Kid, I don't know you on dark street. Park meat
In taco, greeting, receiving brains. Head receding
No receipt for the purchase
Like cats being followed, heart hollow like
Eyes on broad that sings tomorrow
On a mission since Prohibition, survived critical condition
Mortician mad like, “Damn. I ain't get him”
Slim, slick doo, T.C.B. and Nu-Nile, relax
With dax, sipping ripple daiquiri
Legal tender attracting me. I oblige happily
Got to know the time, so I keep my watch on
Ashamed of the toes, so I keep my socks on
Response like, “Baby. Damn, your cock's strong”
Hold on that sh** while I put the locks on
Build the blocks on. On and on and on and

[Hook: Kapital and (Jorrell Redsun)] (x4)
In and out of town, in and out of a**
In and out of relationships (and consciousness)

[Verse 2: Stelf Index]
The higher it goes, the thinner the air
Strenuous to breathe, leaving all in despair
Making sense senseless. Make cents that equal dollars
Hah. Sensibly full of sh**
Use my sixth sense—nickel and one penny for your thoughts
Spent it all in one place and got nothing for my purchase
Kids used to watch H&R, puffing stuff
Now they join H&R, puffing stuff
Take that, take that like puff in stuff
From the stove top, straight into a pine box
Put you in ecstasy without ecstasy. My ex
Still angry I escaped down the fire escape. Press
“E-s-c” on your computer, love. Axe, they pull trees
Like Lumberjack Daniel's with his cap untwisted
Two bottles, Kap is twisted
Style slick, quick. I get in the matrix, make trick
s** dick 360 in slow motion
Break it down in my house—this is ho-use
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In and out of town, in and out of a**
In and out of relationships and consciousness
Sponsor this, underground sounds make ostriches
Look to the Heavens in fear, you hear?

[Hook: Kapital and (Jorrell Redsun)] (x4)
In and out of town, in and out of a**
In and out of relationships (and consciousness)

[Verse 3: Kapital]
Y'all kids fell down and y'all can't get up
Me and my crew be like space and stuff. The only way is up
Past the galaxies. Intergalactic bastard
On Rhyme Ave., chilling, watching time pa**
Who dare steps in my portal?. No place
For mere mortals. Blow your head with my orals. You best
Change your morals and seeing Kap is in your vision
Dirty intentions leave you with dirty incisions
Pay attention. Down for the mic lynching
Should I mention my music an ill addiction?
Purchase a mix. I got people all over the world
Waiting for a fix. Hip hop, I got
Love for that b**h. On my dick since I was six
Now she making me rich. Slick b**h got me
Thinking on some Matrix sh**, so I stay
In and out of town and in and out of a**

[Verse 4: Arjay Mian]
Hey, kid. You want to purchase? Put the money down now
Being slick will only get you put in the ground
Round, grind and chew small. Pikachu/peek at you. Peek at me
I poke a woman. Understand?
Like candy, good and plenty. Slurpee ‘til it's empty
New taxi ride sitting on twenties
Lots and lots of ice in deep freeze. One dollar a bag
Please. Biyaitch, I just mark it up
Like kid with Krylon, I smack, you cry
“Why did you hit me? Why did you diss me?”
End Happy Days, Cunningham. I'm cunning and
Don't touch ham. Loud car screeches—I'm coming
On beaches, in a robe, selling beach nut stages
On stages like Beatnut, blazing Stronghold style
Sun done ‘til sun come back up

[Hook: Kapital and (Jorrell Redsun)] (x4)
In and out of town, in and out of a**
In and out of relationships (and consciousness)

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