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P-Pullz - Give the P-Pullz What They Want Untitled Track 7 - Skit lyrics

P-Pullz ft. Big Mike Terror - “Give the P-Pullz What They Want Untitled Track 7 - Skit”

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[Intro: Big Mike Terror]
Yo. Yo. Yo, what the f**? Yo, what the f**?!? n***as leaving this CD on and sh**. Turn this sh** off, n***a. f**. That's my word. It's Mic Terror, Stronghold Number 7. Michael Knight, nah'mean? Think you getting more tracks? You ain't getting sh**. Ain't no hidden tracks up in here. n***as ain't hiding behind the turntable. f**. That's my word. If you don't turn this sh** off right now, I'ma f**ing reach through these speakers and f** you up! b**h-a** n***a! Now get the f** out my house!

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