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P On The Boards - Donall lyrics

Donall (Prod .By P on The Boards)

(Intro) Playing Rico Sample
Rico : f** Is You Deaf Man (From Paid In Full)

(So This What Pittsburgh Really Looks Like Huh)

Smith and Wesson With The Mags
If n***as Talk Trash
We Coming Around The Corner We coming Straight For That A$$

No TradesSlanders Bangers With The Standers

Highly We k** em all hit them the Flanders

We Know Who You Really Are So Called Internet Super Star Cut Him Off His Fantasy like Wizard of Oz

Yeah Coming At your Neck and Jaw
So Better Check Hard So Go Ahead Get at Me

So Catch Me In Traffic
Y'all Weak A$$ Rappers

Money I Grab It
Called me Joey Da BadA$$

Just Called Me Don I'm
Young Bo$$
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Just Tryin get Paid In Full
Just Laying It Cool

Cash Fiends , yeah Im Collecting All Bribes
Lames A$$ n***as Better Cliam y'all tribes

It's a Daily Routine
Out here So You better Be Prepare out here

And This New Jack City
Hittin Licks On Y'all On Brothers
We Saying f**in Another

Trying Reup in This Fast Life
Trying Get it Right
Its Only Good If Trying Eat

Trying Stack Chips
Get Pently Paper

Longest you know How to make her

Descartes Descaption

Enter Sections You Better Take Views Or Insight Of this Crew

You Better Take a Look How Get f**in Money You Bum Ass n***as

Hook: There Ain't Know Such Thing Is Half Way Crooks he Scared To d**h He Scared To Look He's Shooked Catch A n***a On The Oneway n***a Talking About that Action But He Ain't About The Gunplay x2

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