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P On The Boards - DeJaVu lyrics

[Verse 1]
Creeping on you n***as from the bottom to the top
I'm bound to get hot, i''m scorching the rice in the pot
1994 this beast born up on the east
They will shoot you in the streets and have you leaking like creeks
? dawg, cause' i'm ?
f** all you lyrical rappers, I'm k**ing ?
I'm causing destruction and making disaster
Taking your b**h like a pimp on a rapture
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Rebel back with sh** n***a, lyrically i k** n***as
K-9s and four pictures to mindframes can ? figure
I can see the future of d**h, for Smith and Wes
You can wrap your f**ing ? and still not be a contest
Only contestants that i see, is the ones around me
I'm talking Vik, talking Jodye, talking Jedi-P
So figure that for my ?
Robbing your money and spend that
Taking your b**h to the ?
I hit that

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