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P On The Boards - December 1st lyrics

[Verse 1]
Cruising down the street in my 6 4
Jockin' the b**hes, slappin' the hoes
The car goes “Vroom vroom” on the drive by
Jodye got the f**in got the Glock in between your eyes
Making bombs in the basement
Put you in the pavement
Rebel be Decature aresnals fire for entertainment
Hotter than satan
n***as complainin' like baby moms
k**in' for wrong [?]
? through my song

Now n***a you better watch it, my Glock tip is on your eyelid
I'm violent for my providers
My rebels move yes in silence
These worries is her messiahs
We scorching ? climates
Jewels be my enticement
Put your life in retirement

[Verse 2]
n***a yes i'm creeping in these brooklyn f**ing streets
I'm out for presidents to represent me
My dad green
So I carry Smith and Wesson
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Due to recession
This sh** is depressing
But my mentality is giving me analogies
I'm juiced like ? so try me
The toxins in my tonsils might just make a n***a you rob you for them ice j**els
Keep my brim low for the steelo
Scope like a eagle
Peeping the people
The victim for my desert eagle


[Verse 3]
? with that sh**
That whootie juice got me lit, black 4 5 up on my hip
Spit on my dick, I spit in your face
Curly lights is my taste, Rebel be f**in' the b**h by the base
Give me that head
I want that ?
But that sh** real sloppy
Yo b**h, she calling me papi (That kid on the copy)
I know, I gotta f** these hoes
So ? bliss
I know, I might move with that oh
I got yo b**h on my dick


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