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P-Nut - Wild llife lyrics

I got the wild life livin
No shits givin
Ima young good looking man
So you know im sinin
Jus understand
Im in the van
With hella bitches doing what whatever I can
And they follow my commands
Cuz they noe im bad
Got merced on a snapback
This life was never planned
But it came to me
Like I came to be
By used to be
It didn't blend
Like blood and sweat
But I never regret
Frown or fret
Cuz everyday I got bitches
On ma the dick
And its sick
Its like clock work tick tickity tick
We get it in then im out dip dipiddy dip
And now you got a frown

(chorous) 2x
I live the wild life
I keep my stlye tight
I got your girl high
And she staying over night

I live the wild life
I keep the crowd hype
Drunk as fuck
But we still party all night

2nd verse

Here I go again throwing rhymes again
Doing crimes again
And its all okay
When im on stage
Yeah im gna rage
With my liquor face
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And all these thisty girls jus wanna taste
Crazy bitch im to lazy
And it wouldn't faze me
If you leave
Cuz id rather chase green
Im hoppin out this new thing
And bitches start peein
I dont believe what im seein
Smoke is clearin
Astro astro is what they screamin
I ain't even dreamin dreamin is me
I guarantee to fulfill fantasies
Cuz your girls looking sickly
Plus she needs my vitamin D
With this degree im prescribing
So bend over please
Im sorry hon
This may sting
Im wild livin yeah I got the wild life
No wife
I kept yelling knife
Cuz they never made the cut
So what on to the next
And I jus call them rejects

(chorus) 2x

3rd verse

You can catch me in the bar
Where the wild things are
Its jus me and my click
Smoking on some hippy shit
All these girls round wanna give me skins quick
Before they didn't noe my name
Now they wanna spit game
But they bout to feel the pain
Cuz I ain't playing games
Im jus doin my thang
And ima go insane
Like I got no brain
Yeah we hippy mayne
Ima stay on the road chasing fame

(chorus) 2x

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