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P-Nut - Story of My Life lyrics

Yeah this ain't no chill song so jus listen
Always on the left cuz nothings going right
Story of my life
This the story of my life

Always on the left cuz nothings going right
Story of my life
This the story of my life

1st verse
Bunch of struggles in life
Lately I been on the left
Cuz nothings been going right
I gotta grind
Cuz I'm tired of eating sandwiches for dinner
Every night
Sometimes I wanna cry
Cuz I'm sick of strugglin jus to get by
Every time I pick up the mic
My family on my mind
So you know I'm gon shine
Im gonna get mine
And everything will be fine
No more over time
No more bills piling high
No struggle
No more double jobs to juggle
No more stress
No more seeing momma depressed
Yelling at the sky like when you gon let me rest
Cuz im standing here surrounded by a fuckin mess

(chorus) 4x
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God damn these struggles cut deep
Like being stabbed in the cheeck
To the point where you can't speak or eat
Lying on my back
I need to get to my feet
But talk is cheap
And actions is the key
I tried so many locks
I had second thoughts about em
But for moms I turned to jesus
For reason
Because she been crying like a rainy season
All on my shoulder
I layed my life on a table without a coaster
Been through more ups and downs than a fuckin roller coaster
Without closure
It was tought
To get through
The storm
Its like climbing up a mountain
And its pouring pain
No more rain
Because shits gotten insane
But ima wipe these tears on my cheek
I heard bob marely speak
Said everything will be alright
Boy jus get up and fight
Said fuck these fears
Ill dust my shirt off
Said fuck the world its your loss
Ima show a bitch called life whos boss
Jus watch

(chorus) 4x

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