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P-Nut - L.O.V.E. Song lyrics

[Verse 1: Juss Kev]

Ok Melony, girl you're sticking like felony
Well and she compelling me cause she's a girl you seldom see
And when the others disappear she always come through
And back in 6th grade I knew she was the one too
Take my heart together we gon make a mark
And when things got bad she help me shake the dark
She was my lantern she told me stand stern
And everything gon be strait like a damn perm
Girl I love your since of humor
And that's why my love keep on spreading like a rumor
And I just might baby boom ya
Cause I wouldn't mind us just making a Junior
And that day couldn't come sooner
And promise I would never say bye like a consumer
And they say I'm getting carried away
When I say “Aye babe let‘s get married today”

[Hook: Pnut]

This Ain't no normal love song
I wrote this just for you cause I adore you
And it don't matter if they hate it
As long as you appreciate it
And that's why I made it

[Verse 2: Juss Kev]

It's been six years and it's here the day we get serious
You remind me of Eddie Murphy cause you raw they delirious
And sometimes you're mysterious
And I love you so you got me letting out these various, Feelings
And every day we be chillin
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And you don't believe me when I say we gon be worth a million
And with all the math I'm finna get you them prada bags
I gotta laugh cause last week someone asked us for our autograph
Cause we be looking like Angelina and Brad
And if you seen her she bad
And I don't mean to be bra-ging
Actually I do cause she a queen to be had
Only in my wildest dreams so tell Tina beat that uh
A dream girl like Beyonce
Uh and she my baby like Ashanti
So every time I have a long day
I just sit back relax and let a song play


[Verse 3: Juss Kev]

You my world so take you round it like Ferris
From La to Parris
Anywhere where air is
Cause you the girl that I cherish
Cause I just want you to be famous
Everybody should know what your name
Is cause girl you the greatest
At least that's what my claim is
Yeah I'm a player but for you I sit on the bench
And you're always my first pick and that's just common sense

[Outro: Juss Kev]

Yeah if you don't know who this song's about
It's alright cause somebody figured it out
And if you think it's about you then I doubt boo
Oh yeah she wanted me to give a shout out to her dad
So what's up mike yeah she's a daddy girl so I had to do that for her

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