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P-Nut - Girl I Got You lyrics

[Verse 1: Juss Kev]

Ok baby K in town
Finna do It playa style
Lick you up and lay you down
“Oh god” she's prayin now
Tell yo girls you stayin out
Shawty what you thankin bout?
Shit now she went and gave me brains now I'm blankin out
Titanic sanking down deep into that lake and drown
Hop up in her vacant gown
I fill it up now she making sounds
Get her knees just shaking round
Braking all her sacred vows
She naked while I take it out
Might take a while when I break it down
Damn you so thick
I'm French kissing both lips
While rubbing up on yo hips
She's so wet but I won't slip
Don't trip got a strong grip
And I make yo girl moan quick
Give me your favorite known chick
And guaranteed she's going home whipped

[Hook: Pnut]

Girl I got you, All up in the zone so we gon get it on
If that's not true, Why you callin my phone every time you alone
Baby I just want to get you to moan make you change up your tone
Girl I just got to give it too you real strong, Girl you should've known

[Verse 2: Juss Kev]

Ok she came to the door the mat said “We‘ll cum”
She started laughing and said “Boy you real dumb
And I love the way that you make me feel hun”
Cause every time I beat it up she feel like she still won
And she numb bro cause my tongue go like a drum roll
Then she give me dumb dome treat me like a trombone
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Till my gun blow but I ain't done tho
Got one moe before the sun rose
And I got a whole clip I'm tryna unload
Cause girl you so bad and you dumb swoll
And your man's all mad he shoulda done moe
Cause I made ya cum now you don't want to come home
So listen to this when you switchin positions
Quick intermission
Dishin a kiss then girl it's time to piped down
A real pretty girl skin light brown
And it might sound like I'm killing somebody
So get a pillow bite down while I'm feelin yo body
Cause we don't want the neighbors to call the cops
Cause that just means that we gotta stop
Now you adjusting now you on the top
And now she saw my mic and now she wanna rock
Best believe I hit that shit so right
I make her clap on look like a strobe light
And we could go the whole night
Yeah I go hard I ain't ever go light
And I always please ain't my dick polite?
And I could be yo knight
Lay you down just like snow white
I smell her fish now she want my Long John
So right before this I just turn the song on like


[Verse 3: Juss Kev]

I don't need no tub to love her but I got my rubba dubba
And when I grub her grub her she be sweet as hubba bubba
She call me James Bond ya the best that's under cover
And she said she's bi so she wants to fund another
And whoever is the greatest she is one above her
Cause every time that I'm wit her I delete a ton
Of numbers why talk to them when I got you
And girl I just make you come again like Apu


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