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P-Nasty - Move That Dope lyrics

[Verse 1]
Let the hecklers heckle
I am still puttin' up shots like the Heckle and Koch
I won't set foot in the box
I am the chef on the double shift
I just be cooking a lot
I got a zip and its rar
That should be cookin' the pot, cookin' the pot, cookin' it

[Hook] (x2)
Young n***a roll that joint
Young n***a roll that joint and roll that joint and roll that joint
Young n***a roll that joint

[Verse 2]
Praise God
He taught us his breathing
Don't fall off your high horse ain't Christopher Reevin'
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Ain't nobody grieving, nobody missing
Married the game but she nobody misses
Can't blame the guns why don't nobody miss
Bring back my n***as now nobody missed
Back to the subject your body miss is like nobody maybe you Godbody
Tell me are you Artemis or you are remissed
Don't sell yourself short cause you are the sh** a true art cause you are legit
Nonstop see me all seasons
Of that plane movie
I'm like Liam Neeson
b**h I don't need no reason between me and you
It's all for the taking you workin'
Naw you just working on b**hes that fake like they ain't
But they all for the taking too
My last sh**'s dope and my drop finna k** more n***as like Taken 2
I've been making moves what the f** you doing
You line up for sneakers they line up for me
Get your head up straight boy your lineup funny

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