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P Morris - OICU lyrics

[Verse 1: Le1f]
We out chillin the whole night
I spotted you from the other side
Of the room
I'm doomed
But you avoiding us
How you gonna let this go by

I think you're cool
Be cool about it
This is just the start
Baby lay down your head
I won't let down your heart

I'm devil in that dress that's we want
Say [?]
Let's get these drinks I'm faded
Wanna grab those hips [?]

Don't have no fear
I think you're hella rare
Why are we still here
Let's exit over there
You looking at me lusty now I wanna see you bare
Don't stop until we're taking off underwear

[Chorus: Kelela (Le1f)]
Get in the car
I'm taking you home (I'm tryna get it)
Clothes are coming off taking drinks to the dome
Do it again
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When we wake up
My love is deeper than you'll ever know

What can I say
Boy you should make
Smoking on a blunt In the bed next to me (no oxygen)
Do it again
And when we're done
My love
Tell me where you wanna go

[Verse 2: Kelela]
I've waited all night baby
I'm not feeling like another round
And the white lights got me crazy
And my body's so impatient now

Baby things have changed
Since I saw you last time
You've been doing your thing
And you've seen me doing mine
It could be so amazing
All we need is one night
If you let your guard down baby you'll survive the fight

Chorus 3x

You wanna come [?]
Let me see you get it how you live


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