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P Morris - Hello Tyler lyrics

I'm not in Kansas, so they ask me what my name is

So I tell 'em

I'm out of the plains and now I got my own lane

So I tell 'em


Sipping lava
Dripping magma
Breath so hard like you got some asthma

A million people underground

I made it to New York
I'd like to make a toast
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[Beastie Boys] I bought my grandma a brand new broach

I'm on the train

Tote bag
Fresh cap (right here!)

We in the big apple
Sipping on Snapple

Train like a submarine
Exploring all these mario galaxies

It's been waiting for you
Welcome to New York New York New York

[P. Morris] Can you hear yourself alright?
[New Suede] Yes. Crystal
[P Morris] Alright

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