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P Money - Ba** Cannon (Freestyle) lyrics

P, listen
I've got a mate, he's new to this dubstep stuff
He's like "P, what's all this dubstep stuff? I don't understand it. Can you explain it to me"
So I get a beat from Flux Pavilion, it's called ba** cannon
And then I'm like this is dubstep
Can you feel that?

[Verse 1]
I can't spit on a tune with no ba** in it
Send me a pop tune and I'm lacing it
When I say lacing, I don't mean vocal
I mean setting up a body and lacing it
Till it's dead, no saving it
No gold ting, cause I ain't rating it
We like riddims at rock speed
Cause that shakes the room like it's got an earthquake in it
I'm P, there's no changing it
If money was a garden, I'm raking it
Perfect picture, I'm painting it
And if the record ain't mine, I'm breaking it
[?] covering [?]
Like an American city, I'm stating it
Shove you in a black bag with rage in it

[Verse 2]
Cannon ba** to the facial
All up in your girl's face like a facial
I'm a handful, too much
When I spit I could literally shut down Cable
(CLASS!) Who thinks they're able?
[Lyrics from: https:/**-cannon-freestyle.html]
(CUZ!) I love winning, I'm faithful
MCs can't damage my tunes, the only person
That can scratch my tune is Cable
(BLUD!) You can see me on cable
Taking a piss on the world, it's not rainfall
I've got a weapon that's bringing in money
I can hold more papers together than staples
(GEEZUS!) I weren't born in a stable
I was in [?] April
I'm running away with the game so fast
It looks like I've got more legs than a table


[Verse 3]
Your hype won't last long like Misfits
Nobody's gonna be pissed if they miss this
I don't care how wicked your witch is
Cause I've got a download which is wicked
When it blows up, I won't leave a witness
This here's something you don't wanna witness
You'll be in hospital, lying in stitches
I'll be in my bedroom, in stitches (HAHA!)
I'm on your girl's wishlist
Trust me, I don't send mine [?]
Under the radar
I've got em making a noise all night like a cricket
How can you say you're the sickest?
No junglist posse, I'm still wicked
You could be ma**ive, obese, enormous
Huge, humongous, I'm still the biggest

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