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P Money - Be Like Me (Remix) lyrics

[Hook: Smurfie Syco]
Be like me
Be like me
Be Snoop Dogg, the one you wanna be like
Yeah, the one you wanna look like, talk like, act like
Dress like, feel like, smell like, taste like, work like me!
Yeah, yeah, yeah, I see it like me!
You gonna be like me, yeah, yeah, yeah!
Be like me

[Verse 1: Snoop Dog]
Wake up in the morning blaze you a .. how you feel like me?
But I can do this like seven days a week
And I probably won't get no sleep!
Why you talking, we'll be walking up and down the street
Look at my name, we're in the game...
You would, but you can't cause...
Check my... I've been .. getting wild
Mother f**ers out here get me down
On the block, with the clock, pocket full of bedrock
Jump in the back with.. cause he hold me down...

Be like me
Wanna be like me
I see you wanna be like me
A lot of ya wanna be like me

[Verse 2: P Money]
And you wanna be like me, cause my flow educates...
I'mma quit with a fool gravity
When I spit loud the crowd hovers around and levitates
You're here when the two lips separate
Excruciate pain when it penetrates
You're in the wrong team
Trust my team to make you drop the heaviest sh** like a belly ache
This ain't the mind you can educate
I can relax for 20 minutes the meditate
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Then put you in a tune and do you worst Slim Shady did to Jay-z on renegade
And I don't pop champagne when I celebrate
To fly like me you might need to get a plane
I'm in the club with diamonds and "???" hearts


[Verse 3: D Double E]
Uhuu, that's ...
If you try for a..
Then we gonna be in trouble...
Don't get your mind in a puzzle
..don't wear no muzzle days a week a hustle
Seven days a week I grind, could have ben that
Could have been blind...
Be like when...
What's yours is yours, what's mine is mine
..I'm gonna rap for the...
I'll be flying more times than a ...


[Verse 4: Professor Green]
So I'm the one you wanna be like
Cause I flow hard, P R
O, F E Double S O R
Women coming in two, when they say noahs Ark
Ain't been fed so believe I'm starving
Blessed, but when I'm back I'm...
That man don't flow like, don't smoke like P
..don't roll that weed!
..the bless king
So when you're touch done you know who to holla at if you want a pengting
You know who you need ....


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