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P Money - Bars (SBTV, 2009) lyrics

This guy thinks I'm a prick, okay
I don't say nothing but just okay
‘Cus he ain't sick, he's just okay
I dunno why MCs wanna try send on the set
Then a**ume everything's okay
When a man cats me I don't get mad
I'm just like, “Right, safe, cool, okay.”
Then I flip, like, “Who said it's okay?”
Twenty-two shots in your head's okay
Man said he's gonna k** me on the MSN
So I type back, ‘L-O-L, okay.'
My man's still on a hype okay
My mans think that I fight okay
Came in the room; got KO'd
Now man's asking him if he's okay

Who the hell do you think you are?
I don't care who you think you are
Don't come in here shouting and waving your hands
‘Cus you ain't bad and nobody thinks you are
Who the hell made you think you are?
Chief, that's what I think you are
I'm nuts; if you don't wanna get the window smashed in the whip
Then don't bring your car
I might turn ninja dark
Head gone! Fire kick lift your clart
Man wanna swing them? We can hit the park?
Don't act like me, you don't fit the part
Pissed! Look how pissed you are!
Watching ya little man get picked apart
If I grab my shank your girlfriend won't be the only thing that's
Stuck in your heart

‘Cus I beat the tune
I'm P, I beat the tune
And if an MCs coming in shouting, head GONE!
Left the room
I'm P, I beat the tune
I said I'm P, I beat the tune
And if an MCs coming in shouting head GONE!
Left the room
I'm P, and I'm colder
I'm twenty yeah, but i look older
I got the four five inside the holster
Head top flying; game over
I'm P, and I'm colder
I'm 20 yeah, but i look older
I got the four five inside the holster
Head top flying; game over

I think man's got it in for me
Heard their man wanna go gym for me
Because half of their girls are linking me
But it's cool though, it's not a thing to me
Bare foolishness them a bring to me
To their face I will tell a man simply
“If you don't want your girlfriend to check me out
Don't let your girlfriend bump into me!”
What I'm on, star
This ting that I got is a monster
She start touching, I get tonker
I invade the bedroom and I conquer
Ya eejat, she don't want ya
I realised and stayed a bit longer
She opened her legs like, “Do it! Do it! Do it!”
So I gave her the anaconda!


One up, bar for bar barrin' I'll tear anyone up
Your career will bun up way quicker than the Earth
When the heatwaves come up
Face all numb up
Had one like fit-a-box[?] then I got one up
You can't touch me, one up
I'll bury cliques, one-up
Pa** the levels, I'm gone again
Famalam, "What Did He Say?!" was a mushroom!
See ya later, one up
To catch me you gotta go run up
I told everybody that you're on the same levels, I'm one up
A thousand coins to this stage is one up
Everybody's upset, I'm a problem, can't take this one up
Two guys tried it, I got the sunflower from Luigi
And both of them got bun up
Bun up, up one
Bar for bar barrin' I will tear up one
Punch a past ‘nuff one
Wanna test Mario? Cool, good luck son
You got fireballs? I got stars, don't make me rise up one
Your bredda bringa one or two goons?
I'll get one or two red shells and light up one
Now everybody's getting raw for a mushroom

Who told this guy me and him's safe?
Twenty-two shots in your head for the safe
Walk off casual, “Cool, safe.”
Aight, seen
Who told this guy he's in the scene?
Twenty-two shots, bare bodies on the scene!
Now I'm on the Ten O'Clock News, seen
Aight, cool
Who told this guy me and him's cool?
Twenty-two shots in your head ain't cool
If you still wanna get that, then cool!
Aight, bless
Who told this guy me and him's blessed?
Twenty-two shots in your forehead's blessed
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Now you can tell everyone you're blessed!

I'm a fly fella
There ain't an aeroplane that can fly better
I make fly better
Get it? First cla** only, I ride better
They say, “Money's fly!” like it's a nine letter
“… Money's Fly” - NINE LETTERS!
Keep clocking the metaphors, I rhyme better
Everybody's been hating on me ‘cus I ain't never flopped
I'm clever with metaphors; my mind's better
Got ya wifey lying in leather [?]
What can I say? Ya girl likes cheddar
Ask for a J, they love me, “Alie bredda?”
They wanna sit on my lap like sedan leather [?]
Come to my house and you can try get her
But don't hype over why shots will fly, bredda
I'll swing something around, you're gonna fly bredda
I'm top; you gotta smoke to feel high, bredda

And you ain't gotta be a rock star to get yourself in it for the bizkit [?]
Forget ya car, shots'll pip ya district
I'm in a place staring out of the window
The rest of their man are upset ‘cus they missed it
Stupid dipsticks!
When I come around it's bad up for them like they all jinxed it
I'm a mystical guy, not a mystic
So don't get rude, don't hype, don't risk it
Don't give me the lip, ‘cus the red stuff covering your mouth
Ain't gonna be lipstick
Uppercuts and jabs, I'll mix it
You'll be crying on the phone to your bredren
Bare cuts on your face, tellin' them, “I dipsed it!”
Ask around, I'll black out both of your eyes
And I'll write you down as blacklisted

What? I flow high tech
Forget the indis, my shots will fly direct
I'm a marksman, I ain't gotta prove that I rep
I'm a heavyweight, the ground shakes when I step
I'm a deeper guy, with deeper bars
I don't wear chains, so don't stare at my neck
I'm not a chick, so why is it when I come around
MCs wanna act bad and take live steps [?]
I will write you off; I don't write cheques
I'm a threat, the real vision of High Def
Wait, you're better than who? You're pulling my leg
I'm like twenty years old, and still a grime vet
I naturally perform live sets
I'm tired of MCs sayin the words I necked
Especially on my set, wake up fam
Your time's been waiting for so long that line left


I got skengs that can cause tornadoes
I will turn any hard man into Play-Doh
Everybody does what I say like I'm playing a
Game called Simon Says and I say so
You man better shush when I say so!
We take anything shining;
Don't care if you're dead, I'm still takin' your halo
What? I'll start goin' on AWOL (aaaagh!)
When I'm carrying the mash you can
Hear the shots fire from hear to the A road
I will leave a hench man sat on his A-hole
Don't know who told them that I'm safe though
I'm safe, but they ain't safe though, get it?
‘Nuff of these guys are waste, don't believe the mash talk fam
They're just talking potatoes!

Don't talk to me rough
I won't tolerate none of that stuff
Talkin', nah, none of that stuff
I'll bring tools, alla dat
I said, “Shut up, blud!” don't talk to me rough
I won't tolerate none of that stuff
Talkin', nah, none of that stuff
I'll bring tools, alla dat

Now you're talking like I ain't a gunner
Forget kilograms, this one is a tonner
I'm on point in a rave for the warfare
I don't drink or smoke, I'm an MC bunner
With the heat in my hand, I'm a stunner
You'll turn into an olympic runner
Thinkin' you're dope with your flow, lookin' like a Mini Metro
I'll squash your body like a Hummer
I said forget c**aine, that make man feel number
Everybody thinks they'll blow this summer!
Talking about bare tings in the pipeline
I will disable your whole pipe like a plumber
See I'm a hurricane, please take cover
These yoots here, nah, you don't want none a
You can find me in the Showerman category
Them other guys got lost in the other
They're a par and their bar is a bummer
Got metaphors, look, here is another
Going on Stone Cold, you can ask Steve
I kick guys in the stomach then draw for the stunner
Not once, I'll hit him with a neck stunner
You can't touch, Blacks, nah, that's the left brudda
Anybody violate the team, I will rise up something
And turn your whole head the next colour

No, I said not me bruvva
You can't be talkin' about me bruvva
So don't come in a clash chattin' ‘bout mash
‘Cus you ain't pullin' out no gun on me bruvva

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