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P Money - Animals (Freestyle) lyrics

'Llow it
Really bro, you should 'llow it
Every time I hear anything from you
My first reaction is 'llow it
I'm sorry for the man that say 'llow it
But I don't say 'llow it, let on to the 'llow it
But man like you get so shocked
The only thing you can say is 'llow it
'Llow it
I don't say 'llow it cause it won't get loud
I brought my dogs and I brought them muzzles
So when you bark off you won't be loud
When it's that deep nobody gets loud
And on top of that, nobody gets loud
Keep saying 'llow it like you're gonna get loud
You can get slapped for thinking it's
For thinking it's, for thinking it's loud
Took off the muzzle, now everything's loud
Ratatata, level that's loud
O-M-geezus, level that's loud
Everybody in here's thinking loud
On top of that, they're thinking loud
24 bar will show you
You won't get loud just cause he said 'llow it, loud

P, let me say that again
Mother-mother I'm P
They wanna clash me
A man showed me the tweet I said "let's talk P"
Jammer, let's talk P
But when it turned to the beef they be like "no, P"
"Wait, let's talk P"
I barely wanna smoke, me, but they wanna stop me
Hang on, stop, me?
I'll be defense with midfield when I hold up a team
I hold up a team
Hit em when the car's moving, did you hear that beep?
That continuous beep
When I bury MCs they be saying I'm deep
Nah blud, he's deep
Mother-mother I'm P, mother-mother I'm P
Asking questions, tryna get to know me
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Blud, you don't wanna know me
When it's beef I wrap em
Wrap em, wrap em, wrap em up like a roti
Stand up but you're tryna get cosy
Don't think you're Rick Ross cause of your goatie
End up with a bruk jaw and a nose bleed
Now let me see you try and be nosy

Mad, and don't tell me bout grime
[?] 25, I did grime on the daily
Way before any website made my postie
Mad, damn right I'm an OG
Can't rhyme with me, man have got more sticks than a fully-grown oak tree
Mad, in my eyes you're a goalie
A pole to your left and a pole in your right
Then a pole in your head equals goalie
Mad, what, you don't know me?
Talking ish like you don't go church
But now you all look holy
Blud, you don't bother me
But your talking ish might bother me
I keep telling all these MCs
Not to concern me with stuff that don't bother me
Tweeting stuff cause you know I ain't following
[?] hollas me
I'll put so many zeros in your figure
You'll be looking like a jackpot for the lottery
Mad, and if I die my guys'll honour me
Cause the way they'll draw so many stars
You'd think they were studying astronomy
They just want an apology
Nope, I lied, sorry, my apologies
I specialise in mockery
But I send serious gas at your property

And they'll be armed with a spatula
Nope, I'm joking
They're gonna be equipped with something big
Similar to the shape of Africa
It's mad
I ain't pulling your leg or having ya
But the teeth in this weapon
Probably draw more blood than Dracula

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