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P-Money (NZ) - Keep On Callin' lyrics

[Intro: Akon w/Joell Ortiz]
It's Akon, man (Joell Ortiz), my man P (P-Money what's good?)
It's the Magic City baby (New York City baby)
I think we got one on this one (yeah)
So when them haters (man listen y'all), wanna scream my name
Let them keep on callin' (gotta keep callin' man)
And they wasn't supporting us before and they wanna scream now (na man)
Let them keep on callin', we gonna just let them keep on calling baby
So keep on calling, as for our supporters, y'all know you can just keep on calling for as long as you want, keep on calling

[Verse 1: Joell Ortiz]
If anybody's road was hard dawg, it was mine
No pops and mommy nose finished more than a dime
Only child so my hands was active
I used to get jumped and still yell "But your man's a faggot!"
No name jeans with the gra** stains and wack zipper
Tucked up under the button up for the cla** picture
Eatin' twice in the lunch room
Already feast with mom but some food just (keep on callin')
Hey, ain't no shame in my game, I'm from the Ps too
Felt had to act tough for a piece too
Yes it was that serious
Back then
Empty refrigerators and back rent
Do me a favor and ask Quinn if I could borrow some sugar
Joell knockin' down the hall with a note, and nose full of boogers
Can't forget that
Now that I spit crack
The phones keep ringin'
Nah, don't let 'em get that, let 'em keep on callin'

[Hook: Akon]
So when you hear them callin' out Akon
Let them keep on callin'
When you hear the world callin' out
(Joell Ortiz)
Let them keep on callin'
Cause we went through Hell and back to get here
So keep on callin'
Let me hear you now [x2]
Let me hear you just keep on callin'

[Verse 2: Joell Ortiz]
I love it when I hear y'all voice
[Lyrics from: https:/]
Y'all gotta understand I ain't drop them tears by choice
Another man couldn't have dealt with the cruel jokes
Winter time, feathers flying out my blue coat
The girls ain't like me
Cause I ain't have Nike's
My hair wasn't spicy
A cut was five beans, I only had like three
So I bought an Ice
Hopin' it would cool me down
I was heated, all my friends had wifeys
Easter Day, everybody got fresh
Me? I just tried to look my best
Poked out my chest
Never let them see me sweat
These are the things I used to wanna forget
Now I'm glad I remember
You kept me on my toes, it was cold in December
The roof on my building ain't have no chimney
Maybe that's why Santa skipped me
And his hotline was always busy
I used to keep on callin'


[Verse 3: Joell Ortiz]
Yeah I've been through Hell and back
Chris, Theresa, Edwin, Joseph, Michelle and Pat
That's my uncle, aunt, her husband, my pops, moms and other aunt
sh**, all up in one apartment
Grandmoms let us stay there
Did she complain? Yeah
Yellin' "Listen, this ain't no daycare"
My cousins ain't play fair
We used to wrestle
Knock the phone off the hook and let it hang there
Like, keep on callin'

[Outro: Akon] [x3]
Keep on callin'
Keep on callin'
Just keep on callin'


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