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P-Mack - Vanity Slave (Interlude) lyrics

[Verse 1: P-Mack]
Yea, guess who's back
Learn the name yea it's P-Mack
I'm hopping on that Throwback
Cause this n***a here just slays tracks
I'm not debating, i state facts
All they know is where we stay at
I'm in the game with no chase packs
I'm riding up so i bounce back
And bounce hard in this tough game
Masking this like Big Bane
We all slaves to the n***a Vain
But rejecting this but we all the same
And all ashamed to say we live in shame
Nevertheless we just k** the game
Leave the pain and gain the wealth
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I'm going loud so forget the stealth

[Hook: P-Mack]
I'm a Slave to the game, Slave to the Vain
Slave to Perception and Slave to Myself (x4)

[Verse 2: P-Mack]
So i'm back at it with a new flow
Right the wrongs of my old songs
Ride along to these new goals
Right in front of my old foes
n***a sleeping that's Dreams-work
AKA watch my Dream work
n***a i'll be on Dreamville
About to make them Dreams become real

[Hook: P-Mack]

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