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P-Mack - Speed Bump lyrics

Verse 1: [P-Mack]
I'm overcoming these obstacles
You past your prime like Huxtables
How he got it they wanna know
I got the keys so i'm closing doors
These n***as blind they don't see the vision
We multiplying n***a screw division
I'm making art never mind the picture
That flow Nasty i gotta switch up
I'm k**ing these tracks i'm on
I'm heir to the throne
Just give me the mic and i'm on
You know i'mma be in my zone
I'm packing the heat, while stacking these racks that I own
I'm heading back down on the road
December the 4th, 2 days to 20 that's all
2 decades in and i'm k**ing the game
2 records in and i'm changing the game
We did it my n***a!
All these biters they want some
They thieving my n***a!
But let 'em know they'll get none
They slacking my n***a!
If they come round we'll square up
I walk the walk i never run from
I'm a hero where I come from

Hook: [P-Mack]
I'm like Hol' up, pour up
Better get your drinks up
You know i'm about to re-up
But I watch out for that Speed Bump x4
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Bridge: [P-Mack]
I'm like woah, woah
Hands in the air now! x4

Verse 2: [P-Mack]
I ain't done talking
I'm feeling Jazzy like John Stockton
I'm pa**ing poems never mind the vision
Stopped losing weight just to gain attention
n***a came back with a bad flow
I'm putting poems in rap forms
What you think a n***a rapping for
Boy i'm tryna get these bank notes
I'm swimming in these pool of thoughts
In swimming pools you can't approach
That silver lining on the outside
But deep inside is a heart of gold
Just making records worth more than gold
Just making sure my story's told
I'm a beast back in that beast mode
But we'll see how that story unfolds
I'm Eminem on Renegade
I'm Kobe Bryant on Gatorade
I told you n***as like Tory Lanez
I'm never switching up, I'm just switching lanes
Never seeing change we stay the same
Now all the people they know the name
We go straight we don't hesitate
I don't smoke I just elevate (I'm like woah!)


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