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P-Mack - 2nd Year (Freestyle) lyrics

[Verse 1: P-Mack]
This ain't what you want me on
If you're gonna talk then grab yourself a megaphone
So i can hear clearly when y'all n***as talking
Them n***as talk the talk but they ain't walk it
Where the love at? Where the love at?
Boomerang flow so i brought it right back
Got the game by the neck like dog tags
These n***as chilling at the end like hashtags
This ain't what you want me on
P-Mack, tryna get his rapping on
I rapped enough so i didn't have to do it
Said i'm the best around so it's time to prove it

[Hook: P-Mack]
It's not the haters, it's God that i fear
The ones over there nor the ones over here
When i rise up, they'll all disappear
Cause they already know we be winning cause we in 2nd Year
Cause we in 2nd Year
Just know that we gon' be winning cause we in 2nd Year
Cause we in 2nd Year, Cause we in 2nd Year
Just know that we gon' be winning cause we in 2nd Year

[Verse 2: P-Mack]
Live from the Viphya, guaranteed to murk ya
Even though you tire me i might have to spare ya
Got them new arrivals, chilling at the dresser
Crazy lifestyle man we'll see where it takes us
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Giving y'all the runaround
Then they all get silent when we come around
They wanna push me back like a drop top
But they too faded like a high top
And these are words from the wise
Hope you realise i'm greatness optimized
The mic is my weapon, I just slay beats
Got medals on me I really ran the streets
What more can i say to ya?
What you gonna do when i'm heading right for ya
Take it how you wanna, Take it how you wanna
I'm just tryna get these rings and raise banners
Hol' up, "is this n***a still spitting punchlines?"
Yezzir, i'm just tryna get mines
Just give me the word and imma come through
And here we are, in Year 2 n***a!
Guess who made it n***a
I'm just out here taking shots but i don't do tequila
Basketball lines they be on point
I'm the best period, on point!
They ask me what kind of drug you on
You just got in the game it was already won
If you wanna be a rapper then take notes
You didn't think i'd make it, you n***as got jokes
And i'm laughing to the bank n***a
And I have you to thank n***as
So thank you to those that were oppressive
Cause you made my victory more Impressive

[Hook: P-Mack]

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