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P-Lo - Bossman lyrics

[Verse 1: Berner]
b**h, go and get your ends up
Kush smoke, flowing out the benz truck
Two shows, I'ma need ten plus
Come through s** me and my friends up
Money, light blue pills and a bunny
The Bombay gin got me dancing all funny
Pull me in the back and let me play with your mouth
I'm in the lap dance booth and I ain't breading her out
I get ratchet, leave town overnight of baggage
I'm blowing on cookie, way out in Kansas
Ask around town boy I really get down
sh** I smoke by the pound, boy I keep me some loud
I with them HBK boys P-Lo and Su
Yeah I'm good with pack plus I'm sweet in the booth
I got a mouthpiece chill make a freak b**h choose
Cartier frames with the LV suit

[Hook: P-Lo]
I be rolling through the city I be riding
Big bad benz bad b**hes on the side
I get that dough, b**h you know my neck stay froze
I'm out here getting these O's, aye
I'ma boss man, never care whats it's costing
Touching green like boston
I'm a motherf**ing boss man, boss man boss man

[Verse 2: IamSu!]
All I got left is a dollar bill
Guess I'm back to the ATM
Ugh, pull out the max
Go back to the club, take her back pull out some tracks
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We make club security nervous
I show up with so many real n***as and they ain't searching
Ten b**hes in a suburban
They ask me why I loving so many I say I deserve it
Reporting live from the trap, all partners in the whip with a board on my lap
Whole city on my back
Get this sh** like kitty litter n***as don't know how to act, uhh
Young Suzy the Don Gato, when I slide through everybody wanna holla
Don't call unless its money
From the home of the hyphy but I ain't nothing near a dummy


[Verse 3: P-Lo]
Young P-Lo yeah I ride around
Pretty b**hes big money on my side of town
Balling at the gym while you outta bounds
Rolling through the hood you don't hear a sound
I'm a young motherf**er and I'm faded
Couple mixed b**hes getting naked go crazy
You ain't talking money I don't hear that sh**
Unless you throw the p**y at me I'ma k** that sh**
All the Gangster, Pimps, Players, Hustlers
Balling at the club make b**hes wanna touch us
You already know I'm a f**ing boss
I's stayed dotted, T's forever crossed
b**hes wanna get involved, we don't talk in bed at all
I'ma boss man ho I set it off
Getting money like a sedative
f**ing with the gang ho your better off


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