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P-Lo - Boat lyrics

[Intro: Chevy Woods]
That's all these n***as rap about is trappin'
A n***a been did that

[Hook: Chevy Woods]
Hunnit pack boy you ain't never seen a hunnit
Hunnit pack boy you ain't never seen a hunnit
If you ain't never been a boss a lot of work got frontin
Out of town full of duffle bag full of that dope
And a n***a bad hand for car money now a n***a need a boat

I need, I need a I need a boat
I need a boat, I need a boat, I need a boat
I need a, I need a, I need a, I need a, I need a boat
I need a boat, I need a boat

[Verse 1: Chevy Woods]
Double knock at the door that's the code to the trap house
Been a junkie bout an hour, used to let me use the crib thats a trap out
I done been did all that sh** n***as rap about
Drop a bag when you hear a motherf**er click boom get you ragged out
I need a hood with some cribs and some motherf**ing OG's
Tap, tap what the f**? 5 shots in your chest if you owe me
Better keep it ding round here, dirty money try and clean round here
Bullets cold ding round here, make her s** a n***a lean round here
Scared for my hood, tell me what you p**y n***as even need round here
I be with good shooters they don't even need a motherf**ing bean round here
48 hunnit I done seen so many n***as bleed round here
Streets sleepin' go brrrrrr get a p**y n***a clean round here

[Hook: Chevy Woods]

[Verse 2: Kevin Gates]
What up? Cut up? I don't get tired
Out of town n***a bout to pull up on a taxi
Make a left on East Buchanan, make a left on Carolina
23, 29 transaction
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What you tryna get? Need a spliff? Action
18 O's, 500 4 grams
Weigh it on the scale only that without the bag
Add an extra gram when you weigh it with the bag
Real street n***a, I ain't ever seen a hunnit
Where the clique house be, you would think I have a hunnit
Interstate, enter state, now we go and get it
Mustard on the yellow before you stuff it in the vender
Connect trying to bring them I was buying 2 minutes
Slow down find another blood and he coming with it
I'ma cut them up and ima test them right infront of you
Put them gloves on before I even see the bundle
Finger press a mother f**er n***a never fondle
Making sure a fishscale, I don't sell all base but I could make it all
Shake, especially in the drought
Hit me with the re-compress, you gon have to k** me taking food out my kid mouth
Maybe you don't feel me I'ma die bout respect n***a you really seen me
A hunnit pound of green in a 18 [?]
I only sell dope, told Lito come and get it

[Hook: Chevy Woods]

[Verse 3: Chevy Woods]
Start the car on you n***as I don't even need keys
Two hundred on the dash, you a hunnit n***a so round twice your speed
Hit a n***a with the pack, he don't bring nothing back then you know what it is
White clean off the mac if you know where you stay it ain't safe round here
I see the jealously all in your eyes n***a
Heres a table with about 4 pies n***a
Pour k**as, Im the truth you a lie n***a
If he ain't table then you know he ain't mine n***a
48 hunnit
I was on tour some real break out on the road
And a b**h a** n***a hit my spot for about a quater bird
I ain't even trip that come with the gang
Now what thats worth its all in my chain

[Hook: Chevy Woods]

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