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P-Lo Of The Invasion - Heartbreakers lyrics

[Verse 1 - Skipper]
Grindin', n***a out here shinin'
Early in the morning, check the Roley with the diamonds
I'm just playin', b**h I wear a G-Shock
When I do my thing I'm hotter than a teapot
When I need heat, hit my favorite sneak spot
Got my 3's comped, hoe you shop at EastMont
She left her man, I'm everything that he's not
And she love it when I put it on her G-spot
Freaky motherf**er, you already knew it
I know how to do it, don't take much for me to prove it
Whisper in her ear while I'm feelin' on her booty
Hit her couple times then I pa** her like I'm Flutie
Word around town, I got b**hes on the tip of mine
And when you gone she ride my pony like I'm Ginuwine
I got her at the crib, blowin' dro and sippin wine
So far ahead I hit a flip across the finish line

Got your girlfriend caught up in my whirlwind
Heartbreakers, I'mma bang until the world end
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Heartbreakers, I'mma bang until the world end
Heartbreakers, I'mma bang until the world end

[Verse 2 - IamSu!]
Got her wet, touchin' on her G-spot
What's brackin', to my homies down in Treetop
Anything but the Gang in your speakerbox
I don't wanna see it like a b**h in some Reeboks
One time for my young homies comin' up
Got a bunch of trackstar b**hes runnin' up
Marion Jones gettin' married and owned
But all that's going down is just sharin' and bonin'
I know it's for me, I'm just sharin' the moment
School of hard knocks and we all got diplomas
Smokin' on that weed, put your boy in a coma
Boy, don't be no b**h just enjoy the aroma
I go get the cash, Skipper he got hit the stash
Don't f** with school, but I'm no fool, yeah I go get the math
Young Suzy on the grind like bad brakes
Provin' wrong on my cla**mates, huh


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