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P-Lo Of The Invasion - College Drop lyrics

Tell 'em drop, drop, drop, drop
Drop, drop, drop
Dr-drop 'em
Drop, drop, drop, drop
Drop, drop, drop
Dr-drop 'em, see

I can see the college n***as stepping to this
I can see the college girls stepping to this

[Verse 1 - Sage the Gemini]
She came through stunting, red-hair ruckus
And she don't do the black, I thank her Uncle Ruckus
She got hella back and she don't get her friend
She love attention, thirsty n***as always in the sun
She hold up that sign to let a n***a know
She don't do broke -- rich n***as, new coach
She just make a phone call and get some new dough
b**h n***a, that's new clothes!
Sneak in a girl dorm, hide in her clothes
She from the step team, you know I'm into those
Workout booty, yeah, there ain't nothing silicone
Give her the vitamins, but she don't get minerals
All my n***as stepping, repping fraternities
All my girls stepping, repping sororities
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Tell that girl you don't rep more than me
Tell that n***a you don't rep more than me!


[Verse 2 - Kool John]
Beat it like the drummer, man
West Side, The $hmop, where's the turn-up, man?
Pulled her to the party, got her quaking on me
$hmop Boy, b**h, I'm into money-makin'
And I need a gold trophy, however you playing this
n***a, I ain't the fakin' b**h
Keep my chain, swing a b**h
You ain't tryna bone, you in the friend zone
I'mma get gone, skrrt, and move yo a** along, uh
And my people here, escort me to the front
Security ain't gon' do sh** when I light my blunt
I be sipping bubbly, yeah
All these b**hes love me, yeah
I hit it from the back, give her booty chubby
And it's c'mon, boo, you gotta s** before you f** me, yeah
I'm a star, b**h
You lucky if you f** me
If this one 7-inch n***a would be groovy, b**h
Get wang, girl, see if you with the boosie sh**


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