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P-Lo Of The Invasion - Aww sh** lyrics

T-t-t-the Invasion!

[Hook 2x: Show Banga]
Took a n***a b**h
Aww sh**, aww sh**
Aww sh**, aww sh**
Aww sh**, aww sh**
I'm just tryna get rich
Aww sh**, aww sh**
Aww sh**, aww sh**
Aww sh**, aww sh**

[Verse 1: Show Banga]
I really be that n***a n***a n***a
Aww sh**, huh
That was yo girl? Now that's really my b**h
That quick, aww sh**
This how the game go, homie
They get a chance with the man, they jump on it
I'm just a hustler, baby
I ball hunnids
Them b**hes on b**hes, they keep comin'
I gave her a sample, she keep cumin'
My whole click shinin', we keep stuntin'
I'm just a big deal now
Pullin' up on them big wheels now
Paper growin', it don't stand still now
Grind 24/7, I don't ever chill now

[Hook 2x: Show Banga]

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[Verse 2: P-Lo]
When I took her, I was high tho
Bad hoes, they call me a wild one
Lookin' for a real, you done found one
Make a girl wet like a fountain
I'm just tryna count them pesos
Make the bay go, got hoes, and then go
Uh, that's no lie
When they talk about M's, it's multi
You be callin' her phone, I don't try
And I need my money on time
Filipino b**hes online
And ain't nobody more fly, lil b**h

[Hook 2x: Show Banga]

[Verse 3: Sage the Gemini]
That girl gone if you ask me
Yeah b**h, I'm a boy no backstreet
I be ballin' where the cash be
If I was a ball, I bet these b**hes still wouldn't pa** me
She like the house cause the closet a condo
I'm ballin' like Rondo, see I'm ridin' the beat
Like I'm playin' a bongo, yeah when I flow
I'm like helicopters over the trap, [?]
Only get money from girls who know the lingo
Get naked, she said copy
I'm nicknamin' her Kinko
She bilingual, I told her switch it up a bit
I'm young and I'm rich, aww sh**

[Hook 2x: Show Banga]

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