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P-Lo Of The Invasion - 100 Bandz lyrics

D-Lo, D-Lo
Look, look

[Hook: D-Lo]
Band after band b**h I get it in
Hundred bands, times ten
I got bands and he's too religious
Need two iPhones, got too many b**hes
Band after band b**h I get it in
Hundred bands, time ten
Hundred bands, Hundred bands
Hundred bands, Hundred bands

[Verse 1: D-Lo]
Just sipped six ounces got ten left
b**h I'm talkin' money smell it on my breath
I'm talkin' band after band b**h I get it in
Hundred bands, times ten
n***as talkin' bands don't know the meaning of 'em
Rubber bands wrapped around a hundred hundreds
All I do is keep it one hundred
All my choppers hold one hundred
All these b**hes they love me
n***as pullin' up on me tryin' see how fast my car go
All this syrup she gonna turn me to a diabetic
A hundred bands will get you knocked off f** a paramedic
But you know how the game go
Young n***a I been stackin' money like Legos
Cute dick b**h do what I say so
Ride around town I stay strapped like I'm Django


[Verse 2: Young Moses]
(?) head, rudeboy, hundred band maker
Bad b**h breaker, smokin' loud stackin' paper
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I'm a broke hoe hater, money motivator
If she ever see me count it I bet she never doubt it
And I'm on like this mike is, wasted like the white kids
Trying to get my dick inside this white b**h, yeah
And all I ever wanted was the cash
Tell a broke b**h to kiss my a**, and b**h I gas
Got a loud pack with a chopper
b**h I do it big like poppa and you n***as can't stop us
Hoes sit back and just watch us
I'ma do it all with my partners, do it all with my partners
I'ma do it all for them bands
Tell your b**h I don't wanna be your man
Need a hundred times ten
I just need a million not a b**h
Gettin' rich, sip the syrup, bought the brick n***a


[Verse 3: Philthy Rich]
They say these these n***as ain't a hundred
They ain't never seen a hundred
Little n***a last money, I just ran through a hundred
Twenty on a piece and a twenty on the chain
40 pulled up and blew twenty on my gang
n***a if your ballin' then go buy your b**h somethin'
100 pair of red bottles but you ain't buy your b**h nothin
Slide down E-1 I bet I see a hundred flags
A hundred missed calls on my iPhone I don't call back
I done find a leaser a hundred b**hes wanna come back
But she gotta have a least a hundred for her to come back
Hundred dollar special yeah that b**h do it bad
Tryin' to do ten a day so she can put up a stack
A hundred on these foreign's, I don't want it if it's boring
And I'm talkin' bout your p**y need a hundred for you to f**
A couple hundred pour it up if I ever catch a case
You better off being careful cause my n***as breakin' safes


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