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P-Kay - When I lost him lyrics

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I completely fell for you, but you never did or did you? I know it's been long since we talked, since we last walked. I don't expect you to care or understand. I'm alone, all by myself, here I stand. I know I should move on, get over you. But I wish I could get over you. The more I try, the more I want you more. I know you never felt the same, for you it was just some game. But I fell for you bad. And thinking about it makes me sad. I'm crying over something I never really had. I'm so miserable. I'm so sad. I cry. From the inside I die. Nobody's gonna get it. They'll just say get over with it. It hurts. This pain, everyday increases. Drives me insane. I'm not crying for why you left. I'm crying for why I dated you. Why I fell for someone from whom there's nothing I can ever expect. I'm so stupid. I thought you were perfect. You ain't even close. You say you respect. But you don't. I never thought you'd be like this. I kept on telling myself, just don't. Don't think about what others say. Just listen to what your boyfriend's got to say. And all he said were lies. He said he'll always stay. But I guess we all know what was gonna happen anyway. Except for me. I trusted him, I guess I trusted too much. He broke my heart. He left me hanging. And he never loved me even half of as I did such. I can just go on and on about the sh** that I've been through. Nobody was there. I started pushing him away too. He did help me get up, but with words filled with lies. And now that the truths infront of me there's nothing I can do except sit and cry. I know I'm better than this. I used to be like those who said I'll never fall in love I can't do all this sh**. But guess what I became one. I became a heart broken person. All alone. Who's got no one. There's nothing to do . Nobody to really talk to. They all just end up saying move on. Get over him, you. But I just can't. I tried. I say I'm over him, I'm not. Im just making my feelings hide. I don't wanna tell him, I never will. I don't wanna go through all those lies. I'll just try to stay strong. Try to cover it up with a smile

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