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P-Kay - Theres those. lyrics

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Theres those who act like them friends but they are them hoes. They are those who act like they are close but truth be told them b**hes dont knows. They're those who make me wonder which one of them to trust when I feel like my life's getting attacked by thunder. They those hoes who act. Who put up them fake shows. Who pretend to be your friend. But they ain't those. They hoes. They're those. And they those who I hate the most. I dont care if they perfect or not all I care is for them to play fair. Not to act. For them to be themselves. Thats all i ask. Is that such a huge task. They just gotta be who they are not what they act to be not what they wanna be just who they are not who they think they are. Pulling them fake sh** off won't ever get them too far. They're those. Those fake hoes. All I want is for those to be true not to lie or screw. I won't care if they ain't there. All i want is for those hoes not be hoes. To be honest, not lie. Cuz those lies are what k**s me, makes you hear my cries. Just tell those to be themselves not who they think they are who they think they wanna be who they think they have to be. All i want is for them to be just like me. They're those. Who dont have to be my hoes. Theres those

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