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P-Kay - Sick of it lyrics

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I'm sick of people telling me what's right or wrong. I'm sick of them trying to correct me, telling me what to do and what not to. It's my life, I'll do f**ing whatever I want to. If I do the same thing someone else did then in the end I'm always the only one who gets scolded. Nobody lets me explain, nobody lets me justify, just because the other one goes and cries does not mean it's my fault, at least I never tell lies. I'm always honest, always fair, I cheer people up, I'm always there, but in return I've got nothing. I've been lied to, I've been hurt too. And the worst part is that it's from the people who I expect to be there in return too. I'm getting yelled at for being honest, yelled at for doing what I believe in, yelled at for fighting for myself. I'm getting yelled at and it's time I yell back. And when I do then they yell more make me silent telling me all over again it's not right. They say that to whatever I do. I thought I was alone. I guess I was right. I do what I believe in, what I think is right. Nobody gets it. They never will. People will be people and someday I swear when I get the guts then I'll jump off the hill. I'm getting yelled at for being true, why would I want to talk to those who think I always screw. I like helping others, making them laugh, I like being there but in return, for me life's never fair. And why is that. I thought being good gets you good but all I've got is just f**ing bad and bad. I'm sure there's more to come which is gonna make me feel f**ing sad. But right now, I'm just pissed cuz I've had enough of this bullsh**. They teach me to be honest, they teach me not to lie. Hell, they even taught us never to cry. I'm just doing whatever I've been taught. Yet they still won't stop. Even when I'm just doing what I've been taught. Then they come yelling and saying I ain't listening. Well, news flash to them b**hes, the only thing I'm doing is just listening. Gosh. I've had it. I swear someday I'll take some bullet get done with it and just pop it to get over with it. I've had enough of their bullsh**. Huh, I bet I'll get yelled at for writing this. This some messed up sh**. First they tell me to be myself no matter if it different and when I do it then they come yell at me for doing it. I mean, I'm like what the f** do you b**hes want me to do. I'm done. I've had it. Enough with pleasing you. Now you say what you wanna say, whenever in fact. I'll just stand there, that's it, then I'll be done with that. Just let me live my life and they go live theirs. Pretend like I was never even there. Huh. I guess most of them already do so. Yeah. Whatever. I'm done. I've had it with their f**ing fake shows. Maybe I was right wrong then right, if you know what I mean to say. That time when my 'best-friends' left me and I thought it was their fault then this person said the only reason they never stayed was cuz I pushed them too far away. But maybe, maybe what I think today is that maybe I was right and they left me cuz of my f**ing rep that's why even now they never even say hello or hey. They ignore and that's what they gonna get in return. If it was my fault then they would have at least tried to sort it out but all they said was don't tell and so won't we. They weren't my friends. Now I got it. Now I see. It's all clear, everything. Now I dont need to fear. If I'm alone then I'll live alone. I don't need them fake ones to help me, I can hang with myself. It's how I been cheering up and it's how I'm gonna f**ing live it up. I'll do whatever, be whatever. For me nothing's impossible. Never ever. But still they gonna shout. Now I just like don't even care, I'm like hmm yeah whatever. Peace out

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