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P-Kay - Late Night lyrics

Late,nights we've been rolling
Through, the city girl i told you i belong with you

and ya, during of them coldest days ,GIRL i'll be holding you

Rights here just next to me and lights on the streets, taking bokeh pics

Right there just facing you ,love on your eyes, damn i'm gettin you

damn i just wanna show you,love when we walk when we talk and i
Just wanna show you love when we both and alone

into you , onto me .Embracing your heart as supposed to be

Late night, watching the stars on the sky,and you next to me

PKay :

Yeah can't really say it all right now,seating here not really sure your mine

Yeah maybe Mr Wrong is there right now, (Ow) tryna play your mind
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(2nd verse)
wake up in the morning, at 5AM take glance on my phone screen,looking things we did
you right here sleeping next to me,kiss on your smooth chicks
As you used to be

Dawn got me all over your body,missing old days when you told me u can vibe me

I had to live with that, every moment you get pa**ed to me. scared to tell you,what i was driving,in my streets. cause your ambition ,your mind is business.i'm not really sure right now what's missing

Lies,was believing ,your mine.while n**rs got time,to text you late night

Aim, gonna tryna be the best
Ain't gonna try to be the baddest
So that you can take me, though you on a bad space just Drive back to Earth,i'm waiting where you landing

am i the really baddest here? or am just tryna play it cool with you . i had to make you understand, i'm not tryna be Mr. Wrong with you

Don't let him do it , he had his time girl don't let him foolish you, all the lies he had


He don't really mean it but i do,you know this type of life we live

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