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P-Holla - Won't Stop lyrics

I think I'm reaching for the millions
Hands up toward the ceiling
Travel round the world and kick it harder than brazilians
Im ready and I'm willing, ringing bells like tinker
It's like I'm soul skating that's word to Andy Brinker
And with everything I'm saying u know I'm meaning it well
Cuz they say I'm all THAT like Keenan and Kel
And a bag of chips, hold on lemme brag a bit
....Cuz every dream I cast im on some sega shit

Some say Lego like hands up off my eggo
I mold my world like clay but know I never playdo
Whatever I say goes and you know that's my word
These rappers actin street so I'll kick em to the curb

I won't stop, I do me, I do me
I won't stop, I do me, I do me

I said I won't stop, I won't stop
I just follow my plans
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I said I won't stop never
Cuz I don't know better
It's like a subway sandwich cuz I want more cheddar
Whether rain is the weather whatever I'm better than the rest
Sweating from ur sweater get it together and get some rest
Damn let me take a breath, but slow it down? hell no!
I'm the people's champ like the Rock's elbow
So going hard is all I know
Talking Spanish vamanos
I was getting short on bread so I went and bought a loaf
You know the motto though, something like Diddy
Cuz I can't stop, won't stop until I'm in ur city
Until I'm sitting pretty always busy ima business man
... Want everyone to hear me and say "Who is this? Damn!"
Cuz if he's unsigned then someone get some paper
So go and tell all your friends and do me this small favor
They say they love me... But I can't be complacent
I'm patient for the right opportunity I'm waiting....

I'm waiting...

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