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P HEIR - Wyld lyrics

(Verse 1)

Quarter to two when I pulled up on you, west side of town double-cup got me screwed. Try to stay sober but try is all I do. Hit the horn once, you hop in then we zoom


The night's young it could get real! And I got time to spare like the fifth wheel! The moon's full I just might Howl at it! The preacher said that I'm living wild but it's cool. It's cool-ooh-ooh and they won't know what we do-ooh-ooh

(Bridge x2)
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When it's all said and done it's just me and you tonight. And no one but us will know what we do tonight

(Verse 2)

Quarter to three, after hours it's G. West side of town now the pow got me geeked. Try to stay sober I'll try next week. Hop in the ride I'll pa** Jesus the keys



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