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P HEIR - OMW lyrics

(Verse 1)
We don't do much talking often, the door's closed, your clothes are coming off - and, your n***a's mad you cut him off - and, we don't look back we keep mobbing. Shorty poor up something for me, been a long day and now I'm horny. I'm always late you come before me (x2)

I'm on my way-ayaya-yeah (x3) I'm on my way, I'm on my way

(Verse 2 )
We don't do much conversation. I prefer the body language, picture perfect when you're naked. She treats the D just like it's sacred. Pray on it, pray on it yeah. Sex like a drug and she stay on it yeah. Fantasizing 'bout when I stick it in. Send the addy the molly kicking in
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The moon's full and I might Howl (x2)

(Verse 3)
I come alive on nights like this. Something on my side, that's your b**h. On cloud 9, plead the 5th. Say my name scream that sh**. I mean that sh**, next day she thought she dreamed that sh**. Real ting this
Middle of the night but it's still young-and, it's been so long since I've felt something. Prolong the come down, so long-gone now. Close the door and lock the compound (yeah). This is how s** and d** sound. NSFW when she comes around. It's late but I made it, faded, slayed it, taped it, played


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