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P HEIR - 21 lyrics


I serve the d** but the d** don't serve me. She wants my love but she is not worthy. All of my life I know I have purpose. Keep it 100 with me 'cause I'm worth it. We took the same pill but we feel different. 2017 I got 2020 vision. f** how you feel 'cause emotions don't serve me. Cool for the night, long term you don't deserve me. Real from the gate, mad n***as hate. Mad n***as wait for my fall, mad at the wave. Aye fix your face. Yeah I'm charged up like the model X, (oh yeah) I'm with an Ex model and we're off the XO

Can't trust em, drop a b**h like a pin. Can't trust em, these days got to have thick skin. Can't' trust em, these days everybody plays to win, Can't trust em these days everybody wanna be somebody. And you're nobody till somebody, said you're nobody till somebody do you in (yeah) do you in. I'll drop a pin on the money that's where I've been (yeah-yeah-yeah)

(Hook x2)
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Don't want to leave, Won't let me be, Easy to see, I need to be free

(Verse 2)

Bottle's no top, don't stop 'till it's empty. Models no top all you want to do is tempt me. I do not rap, don't call me an emcee, We do not dap if I don't feel your energy. I serve the ba** all night like Denny's. Order Duce, mix that with the Henny. Might see me smile, don't mean that I'm friendly. Pay for the game but the dick sold separately. Real from the gate, mad n***as hate, mad n***as don't know I'm great, man n***as late. Mad n***as mad at the magic I create. Stay mad, no f**s to give or to donate (hold up wait). Get your bi friend, says she goes both ways. Extra wide lens, that's B-roll all day. Came to my senses on the highway. Back to cash yeah I got to get paid OK


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