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P HEIR - Sex Drive lyrics


Pedal to the metal that's my s** drive
I could pop a pill but you're the best high
I could give a f** about your ex guy
PHD I'm the dopest on the Westside

Verse 1:

I'ma take you up, you could ride all night
We so high, we way above the satellites
Give you want now you acting right
5 minute smoke break then I'm back inside

Dimelo mami, yeah you bad as f**
And you throw it back for the camera
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I know you ain't complaining 'bout my stamina
I'll have you coming back like an addict does

Hook (x2)

Verse 2:

Turn the lights down turn the lights down
I want it right now, want it right now
Got my gla** of henny you pourig up sky
Me an you together is like 4th of july

Dimelo, dim the lights dim 'em low
We might keep on for the visual
To have a night with you, that's unmissable
When I go deep I feel invicible

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