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P HEIR - Lay U Down lyrics

I'ma lay you down on this king size
Beat it, beat it up like I'm ring side
All my lines 100, I don't sing lies
Something other I'm nothing like these guys
I pull up, Po' up, panty pull down, put in, pull out
Lay up, chop up, you cook up, sit down, eat up, I'm full now
Say you want a n***a that can take control well I'm him
All I ask in return is that you stay 10 times 10
Manifest my naughty thoughts, you're nothing like them thotty thots, I'ma make your body hot
Once I start you don't wanna stop

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Temperature rising, you know what the time is, I'ma lay out down

Verse 2:

I'ma lay you down in this black jeep's back seat
Get up in them Vickie's like an athlete's track meet
Shawty you're a black queen, we should get comfy
Turn any furniture into a love seat
Temperature rising raise the degrees, give me brain like degrees. Now turn around 180 degrees, come come now don't leave. We got all night like the medieval army. That's on me, let's make a movie, you and me starring

Hook (x2)

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