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P-Dub - Slapper X lyrics

Intro (Undastudy (MC Sermon))
Ay yo whats up it's P-Dub on the track you feel me?
T-Dub Tha Undastudy aka Lil Swanka aka Westside Willie aka Docta Disrespectful aka L.M.N.O.G. aka Dizzy, b**h! aka Taecker Swizz reppin that P-Dub
That Swizz Money Hustlas reppin Swizz Money straight outta (yo) Swizzerland, you feel me?
Swizz bank accounts (Sermon), word to O.B.X, don't drill off, peace to N.D-dub-G! Straight outta O.C.I. and on to the streets!

(MC Sermon)
Southern swagger doesn't matter
Feeling like a ho snatcha
A weed stasha- you just a fat laugha
Thrown in a bag in ATL or NYC
But out here on the fresh, you get devoured lyrically
Conspiracy tends to be a good theory
Or maybe its just that your rhymes is weak
And mine are strong- my dicks long
Like King Kong- I'll trample you with a blindfold on
Don't respond- or do if you see fit
But I may not hear you when you spittin from the ditch
That I'll throw you in- I act kindly towards kin
And no one else- but ya mother and myself
This excludes you, ya wack crew and the rules
So if my time is up, whatever sh**s rough
I sit tough, wait for you to rebuff
A comeback, but there's no need to press ya luck

(Tricky P)
Yo this sh** ain't fosho, grab the next ho
It's time to go, Sermon goes hard with the flow
Beats be floppy, don't use the mop, see
You just another paste and copy, I'll go
Vacuum-cleaner a b**h, rack em stack em now I get rich
Flinch b**h, now you on the ground, I use my f**ing feet
To get a-f**in-round, feel this f**in beat
When I dance around, pull them pants to the ground
I wanna see that p**y- look, see
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It's not that easy to please me, so I expect you
To work hard, peck it and don't stop
I don't cop out, you don't stop to pout
When I make this b**h shout, just kidding
I use lemon pledge I have that denim-edge
Clean blade with that fat knife, you always acting
All your f**ing life this sh** just got real, get a wife
Before I close the deal, rose to peel
This plum before I teach the b**h to go dumb
Peaches to apple, beats with only snapple
Drank that sh** for nine months straight
Came out with a baby like “what the f** I just ate?”

Bridge (Salvador Dali)
Paranoia-critical method
Because is one spontaneous method of knowledge
Based on the instantaneous a**ociation
Of delirious material

The crack stacka, with an a** like fat bastard
Kidnap wack rappers like dykes and back-packers
Teeth chatta, when the shaft smash swagga
White face, black dick yeah, I'm a**-backward
Plus I'm the David Blaine of the rap game
Drop flaming plane's on your a**, give you back pains
And smack lames in the head just for talking
Come in through the chimney, leaving skulls in they stockings
Not cock-blocking, it's the cock-combo breaker
Feel fatal fury in my D, check the flavor
These pencil-penis punks tryina dump on the gator
For that, Study break their face with an eraser
Like Godzilla crossed with Mr. Driller
Getting color-coded skriller while I molliwhop gorillas
Throw them in the griller ‘til I feel a little iller
P-Dub k**in in the club- top billers

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