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P-Dub - Vodka lyrics

I might take that wheel
Cause she drank all my vodka
She wana take that ride
But she can't call a n***a afta
I might pull up on the brand new woop
Seats sued like I'm sitting at the opera
Boy I can guarantee I hit yo chick one time
This last time she gone end up at a doctor
I ain't really mean to shock ya
But I'm riding round the city like I'm too on
Young n***a got me feeling like I'm too grown
Copped the new coupe with the coupon
Fresh seats black and the sh** grey pupon
Get up out the way, of anything Shawn poop on
Shawty got more brain then that n***a Jimmy neutron
She hop up in the whip
Say this sh** two tone
Ooooh damn n***a and and the roof too gone
I mean oh
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She got me feeling right
She gimmie that look when we siting at the light
And I ain't got a problem if she nibble and she bite
But I swear it look better when I saw it on Skype
We don't ever fight, we just keep it on 10
She just can't wait until I pull up on the benz
All I do is win like its f**ing 2010
I ain't even got a problem that she f**ing with her friends cause

Oooo damn oowie
We bout to watch a Cinemax movie
Swimming in her ocean like a booie
I'm getting more cheese then ratatooie
Shawty got mo head then f**ing stewie
Fabian King Louie, am i dreaming where to go?
We in this together
n***a no matter the weather
Whether you n***as gona get it
I don't know
n***a i got..

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