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P-Dub - Kamasutra lyrics

[Verse 1: Lord Bones]
Ima bring you home with me
Bet Tim and Mike don't know bout' me
I fall in love with girls I see that need some love and harmony
I pray... for you... I know I spit game... It's cool..

[Verse 2: Lord Bones]
Bring you home tonight
No I don't want to chill
Already chilled enough
Girl you know the deal...,
Ima do my thing, Ima do my thing..
Ima let you sing, Ima let you sing
Oh- Ima bring you home with me
I sing this song on lower keys
Alicia don't be mad at me
I pray... for you... I know I spit game... you moan on tune...

[Verse 3: Lord bones]
I play no games
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I'm making things happen
Making you move in my range
I'm pulling you strong, tryna' get you in my place
Start licking on your face, Bend you over on the couch-
Get ya' thumb out ya' mouth
Licking you up and down
Girl I got ya' whole soul on a different route
Baby if you want to
You can test me out
I ain't gonna flex I just want to check you out
But my dad's home
Tryna' rush to get my pants on
Told me keep you in the friend zone
But he ain't like that
He ain't even gonna fight back, He ain't finna mess up my plans
So lately, It seems like lately I've been tripping off things
So baby, Can we get a new Mercedes and a new wedding ring
I just wanna love you and F*ck you and sorts
You've got my mind on a short
Baby one time oughta do it

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