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P-Dub - Cold World (Intro) lyrics

- [Chorus] -
The fo-fo bulldog my motherf**ing pet/ yeah I point it at you and tell that motherf**er fetch/ It's a cold, cold world and you gotta tell em who's back/ get a shock to the brain and realize what's next/ I bring them dogs out, I bring the hammers in/ I put the bullets through, you ask me what's next/ we sitting in the back wit the guns on the dash/ and it's a cold world and loving me is not enough

- [VERSE 1] -
You ain't f**ing wit what I put up in your place/ and my ambition is to ride and that means you bout to die/ and if you mistake this wit too much pride I will cut your weakend eye/ outta ya socket now tell the Judge I said that/ but f** that/ let's get back to the crooked raps that I spit in the booth and attack/ and bring the mosh pit to your set and watch you realize what's next/ and I'ma order you that chopper special/ make ya family and ya wife miss you even though you dead and you can still survive/ and this the issue like BLOW/ I can believe that I have become since the depression stage I grew up and how it's bout to shut the mic/ I bring the cypher to your door that's your supper for the night/ and if you wanna go without a fight then learn to sleep in the dirt/ cuz the lession is worse/ and listen now I'm gon talk to you/ this my cla**mates and I never thought I'd listen to the ryder as he bout to spit/ and as I take one arm to sh**/ and you lil wannabe's and just remember you ain't gonna be me/ You wishing I was coming, I ain't gon come/ motherf**ers dissing go and bring your guns/ f** them other rappers, f** them other rappers

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- [Chorus] -

- [VERSE 2] -
Come to my block and watch you back in the house cuz this could be the day a crip run up on you and your life is out/ my fo-fo bulldog my motherf**ing pet I point it at you and tell that motherf**er fetch/ wit the guns and the d** that be in the club your girl/ was shaking her a** so hard I made a motherf**er come/ I'm the answer to your prayers so practice what you preach/ I'm sick of lying to the judge to get my motherf**ing fleet and when that chopper go skeet/ and I lose your life in a second and just to think it was all because of a blessing/ from that smith-n-wesson is protection in case of the reaper wanna question and that's on pyru/ and the homie on the knife/ I capture the beat and put my rhymes in the sheets/ listening to Jay Rock got a motherf**er to creep/ and now when you're soaking in your seats/ and just take kidness for weakness and I peep this and the whole world wanna beat this/ God beat the case and now his son Jesus is the presence/ now all the white perception and the hoes wanna creep yes/ I gotta stop rhyming, let's get back to the topic I spit a whole hell of a rock sh**/ and the hood done got him it's a cold world and baby girl loving me is not enough/ kick sand wit your feet, and shoot up dust/ cuz these hoes don't wanna know me no more/ so here comes work wit the b**hes in the back/ man f** yall hoes

- [Chorus REPEATS] -

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