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P Double - Stefs Song lyrics

[Verse 1]

Let's take it back, back to when it all started
When I was 14, and she was all that I wanted
Wanted to make it right when everything was going wrong
Didn't know how to say it, had to write it in a song
And I bet you could imagine exactly what that sounded like
Looking back embarra**ed that that's what I sat down to write
But at that time I didn't care, just had to tell her my truth
So we made a cover and we dropped the song iTunes
Was young, didn't give a f** 'bout marketing a track
Was so consumed with her, only goal was to get her back
And I wondered what she was thought, what's goin on in her head
If she heard it, her Facebook status was all I read
So I didn't pay attention, didn't see how wide it spread
Until more recently, inspired me to grab the lead
Cause I had to tell this story, wouldn't believe me if I didn't
Fast forward 6 years, I'll explain pay attention

[Verse 2]

Now I'm riding round, summer sun is shining down, with a fine a** chick sitting shotgun
Now at 20 years old, who knew this is how it'd go
How it unfold, I swear you never really know
But I can tell you don't stress it, get the message
Good things come when you least expect it
Got a job at a studio, hella glad I went back
What you think I do it for, I'm born to make an impact
Yeah and it just so happen that
I knew the girl that works there, she my friend from back
Back in the neighborhood, Na we ain't friends like that
See I never made a pa** never went for that
She more an acquaintance, but I'm happy to say it
'Cause a few months later it all started changing
We got closer, and the world got smaller
Then her sister started dancing, boy was I all for her
She's the baddest girl I've ever seen, damn I want her
Knew If I ever get it always said I'd spoil her
But I just played it cool didn't text or call her
Sitting back on it, like a god damn spoiler, I was
Thinkin 'bout all the things that I would do with that
Had a boyfriend at the time but that dude was whack
Matter fact a few weeks later she was through with that
Funny how it happen swear I had nothin to do with that

[Verse 3]

She took it slow, So I took it even slower
Not looking for the smash, genuinely get to know her
But little did I know she already knew about me
All the chicks that I see, and the kids that I be with
Didn't have a clue, I kept doin my thing
Kept spitting my game, so in the whip we would stay
For hours at a time man, she just wanna to talk more
Toadt hill rides, now she grabin on the aux cord
Thinkin what a Perfect opportunity, y'all know I never Hold it back
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So I'ma Tell her 'bout the music, does she know I rap
Has she heard my tracks, does she know I spit crack? I mean
I don't wanna come on too strong, so maybe I'll just hold on
So she proceeded to grab her phone, plug it in and hit play with the shuffle on
I was amazed at what song came on
But so confused, like what the f** is goin on?
She looked at me awkwardly embarra**ed
Turned it up to avoid the awkward silence
Im just sayin I was trippin while I'm sitting there thinking about it
Feeling astounded I was at a loss for words
Jaw to the floor when I turned to her
She was singing that first verse word for word

[Verse 4]

Rolled the windows down, while she sing my sh** loud
I just had to let the world know
Think I fell in love in that moment, never felt connected like that to any girl tho
That was on some other sh**, I was loving it
That's a check off my bucket list, Incase you're wondering
As the song fades out, was in deep thought think bout how this just played out
After all this time it just clicked, finally made some sense to me
Feelin' a way I never felt before, So my guess is that it was meant to be
Definitely not what I'd expect girl, thinkin out loud need a sec girl
Did the heart ache of my ex girl, just set me up with my next girl
I'm like yeah god damn oh yeah
I'm the man oh yeah
Understand, none of this was planned out man
Fell into my hands, she my number 1 fan
So from there I looked at her differently
Now we here and rest is history
Introduced her to the fam, perfect fit you see
I hope she understand what she did for me

[Verse 5]

Been waiting my whole life for a moment like that
She was singing my track, and I didn't even know her
All because of rap, made me feel like I did
Only dreamed this could happen, night vision this sh**
My mission is this, to show them my pa**ion
And watch them all connect over all this real rapping
Instead of just using these lines for a caption
Or on my timeline, no Twitter interaction
No lights camera action, just made it all worth it to me
Knew I believed, but now to a new degree
New me, see my past was a prequel
Now I need more then a sequel, want it from a million people
Got Platinum goals, I need plaques of gold
I need stacks of those, for tracks I sold
100 racks a show, crowd packed
The flow down pat, you know I think she cracked the code
It spoiled me now, got my eyes on the prize
Put my life in this sh**, no more compromise
No more try, no more why
No more second guessing, she just made it come alive

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