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P. Dot - Look Back At It lyrics

[Intro: Kazzie]
Let's get it!

[Hook: Kazzie]
Just love the money I don't trust nothing
Shawty bust it open tryna f** something
I hear 'em talking they don't want nothing
Just roll the window down then we start dumping
Now pop that p**y for a bill hoe
That a** looking fake but it's real though
She a pro she look back at it
She a pro she look back at it

[Verse 1: Kazzie]
Look, Look, Just bought a coupe got it black matted
I'm doing numbers like it's mathematics
My n***as straight, then you a** backwards
Lil mama selling crack, I'm a crack addict
Now pop that p**y 'till them bills come
And f** a fake n***a I'm a real one
b**h I feel like Mac in the bay
I'm just tryna see how much that I can stack in a safe
Yeah you used to be that n***a talking back in the day
But last time he made a check was 2008, wait
Just bust it open make it rain for me
Do something strange for a piece of change for me
Fifty thousand that's champagne money
She be on my nuts like a pair of Hanes on me
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I'm cooler than your ex, cooler than your next
Man these n***as pockets skinny they on anorexic
I'm the sh** muhf**a you could smell me
I'm a fly n***a ain't sh** you could tell me


[Verse 2:HeebzStreet]
Ay, I love the money I don't trust nothing
Haters got no drive they wonder when that bus coming
If jake come that's the only time you gon' see us running
Back up on my feet I got my re-up money plus something
Sour in the bag, got it from around the way
I'm tryna sit the bench, I ain't come in here to play
And I'm never stopping, me and Kazzie here to stay
If you got a problem we're not sorry that you feel that way
I be in her p**y got her wider than the interstate
Call up Law and Order SVU this beat is getting raped
It's 'bout to be a party, I got the weed and the brews
I don't trust sh**, on my P's and my Q's
Try to make a flip like an acrobat
People think I'm shady homie I ain't signed to Aftermath
I just want to chill, make some money for the fam
But you sleeping on me spending all your money on the Xans
I bob my head, p**y I ain't one to dance
I came in here to k** the stage so I'm tryna see your hands
Put 'em up!


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