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P Dog - Supporters lyrics

Today, on the Roaster, I'm gonna make a twist.
It's a movement with absolutely no purpose.
I'm gonna list some people that I know
Without further ado, let's start the show

Up first, we got Craig, my f**ing YT
He's putting pacifiers on all the Trump babies!
Always at my side, like a running mate
Like a wizard, he's never early, nor is he late!

Next we got Mr. Thunder, AKA Connor
He's balling like the Warriors, cuz his games are a yawner.
MVP Awards are his only honor
He's going off like Tony Parker, he's always sonner!

Up next in line, we got Seffers
He's so dope, but he ain't part of the methers
He rocks the gold, with the DubNation Blue
He ain't settling for a shot that's less than two
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Next we got a lady, her name is Kayla
You can't a find a word to rhyme except her last name Taylor
Got her boy Jaden, scaring her from behind
Scratching her head, trying to figure out the cosine

Now we got the smasher, his name is Kyle
Climbing up the mountains 'till he high to the mile
He's running, and shooting, and running, and cruisin'
You ain't got him on your team, chances are you're losing

Then there's Miss Buggie, AKA the Claire
Cake's on the table? She ain't gonna share.
For us, it's balling. For her, it's dancing
She's a part of the family, but not Charles Manson's

Last, but not least, we got Neonang
Got a Youtube channel, she runs my train
I got in a fight, she took away the refs whistle
With her love, she stung him like a thistle.

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