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P Dog - Kelvins lyrics

Brace yourself, bitches, I'm about to get mean
Cause I'm going on the lines of “No Vaseline”
Today on The Roaster, I'm gonna make a statement
And call out the shitters whose shit is damn blatant

There was a couple young bitches who couldn't stand my splash
So they made a show about how my fire was trash
You can hear me: It won't matter if you plug your ears
Cause today I'ma make you face your worst fears
You two claimed to have done the starting quarterback
But I don't see any jizz on your tits or your back
Walkin' through the halls, rubbin' Eos on your lips
If you were my waitress, you wouldn't get any tips
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So when I spin the discs, and blast the speakers
They start spraying sparks like bullets from a pig's heaters

As I'm rollin' with my boyz down a concrete path
An old bitch blocks me; Damn! She needs a bath!
But I'm a Blood, I know how to deal with bitches
Cause I roast my haters like Dorothy melts witches
This lady is so old, she's as yellow as batter
So I spit some fire, AND CLEAN HER ASHES RIGHT AFTER!!!!!!

N-A-S-T-Y? She like it
Now grab that dick....deepthroat...BUT DON'T BITE IT!!!!
That's only for those who like to get naughty
And to those who prefer the tipsy over the shawty

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