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P Dice - Jalapeño lyrics

[Intro: P-Dice]
Oh, cheaah, Sliiice
38, haha, Jalapeño

[Hook: P-Dice]
I'm always where the cheese is
You should play some defense
Your girl, she be sleazing
And she eat meat, my girl is a vegan
Make me let that thing off
Then, it's murder she wrote
Think you know my steelo
Jala-Jalapeño, Jala-Jalapeño
Jala-Jalapeño, Jala-Jalapeño

[Verse 1: P-Dice]
Heard you n***as want war
Give you what you come for
I don't need the combo
Chopper got a drum roll
Wylin' at my lake house
Squally on the stakeout
Riding ‘til I fade out, riding ‘til I fade out
Okay, don't mean to trouble but you know
My n***as bubbling, that's for sure
My n***as bubbling, that's for sure
He try to play, I'll lay ‘em down
Get on a bird and fly around
Get on a bird and fly around


[Verse 2: P-Dice]
Hit you with a drug flow
You could let your plug know
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My b**h is above dope
p**y smell like dove soap
Chugging at the round tree
Told her not to hound me
Always ‘bout my downy
And I'm geeked up, I'm fresh out the county
They try to snitch to get me up
If it's a problem hit me up, if it's a problem hit me up
We finna burn the city up
I'm tryna turn so give me d**
I'm tryna turn so give me d**


[Verse 3: Montana Bucks]
b**h, they call me Monty
My b**h like Ashanti
Smoking on the petro
Order me some eggroll
Throwing up the west side
Like I'm from the west coast
Just rolling up the best smoke
Hit her up like let's go
Monty on his A game
Hit ‘em up like bang-bang
My squad off the same thang
I will never be a lame man


Jalapeño, Jala-Jalapeño
Chase a lot of money, now she go wherever we go
Jalapeño, Jala-Jalapeño
Chilling with your ho and she on me, hope she deepthroat
Jalapeño, Jala..cheaah

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