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P Dice - AR15 lyrics

Ay, ready when you are g'
RemyBoy, Dicer, haha, whoo
I'ma start this off like this

Clean your eyes, you'll see we them n***as
Rolling backwoods, we ain't roll the swishas
So many haters, man, I could make a list
This AR15 won't miss
My old hoe brought a new hoe with her
I told her slide down over tryna dig her
So many haters, man, I could make a list
This AR15 won't miss

[Verse 1]
Ain't got no [?] no suit & tie but I'm super fly
Grinding as I'm swooping by, got a soup surprise
They know my name, P-Dice in town, said P-Dice in town
You try to play and ice ‘em down, goons will slice your frown
Said I'm swerving in a sick Rove ‘cause I made cream
I'm with a virgin but, don't trip though ‘cause she's eighteen
I'ma slay her, got my clout up. I'm finna rotate
Said he cutting paper, well, I'm bouta make a snowflake
Know me, I'm in the [?] Tony, I'm finna skate
We call them b**hes cranberries, they always on the chase
My steel on, I'm a blast, that's word talk for that a**
I g'flick in the strip club letting bills off on that a**
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[Verse 2]
Circle be tighter, believe me
Heard of you guys on the cd
Lighting the ‘L, she alive and she well
But, she said she been dying to see me
Things looking swell out here
Give ‘em pyurhell out here
Wrapping the piffs, said the streets need a fix
Grab a hammer and nail out here
I be getting dough, th-they been around
Finna rip a flow light, br-break it down
Pockets looking swoll like baby looking so right
Body let the police sha-shake ‘em down
Never be no starving me, one ounce or part of me
Just like my arteries, just like my arteries
What the f** is you talking about?
Dicey the illest, you mad, get the f** from around here
Them guns, we don't walk without
I had the prison on smash and I never been down there
I know you was hearing it
Know where your homies that's saying that, plenty to say
But, they try me, I'm airing ‘em
Try and get on me, I spray and send them on their way up


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